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Every year in school Vedruna Vall there are English people, who
during the year have conversation sessions with some students to improve their
oral expression. In our school there  are
three english assistants: one from P3 to 3th of primary, her name is Hazel, one
from 4th to 6th of primary and her name is Ani. Finally, Kat is the assistant
of ESO.

We went to talk with Kat and ask her some questions:



  1. HoI´ve been in Spain for one


     2.   How long you´ll be here?

           – One year.

     3.   When did you come?

           – In September 2015.

     4.   When will you visit your home country?

           – At Christmas.

     5.   Where are you from?

           – England.

     6.   What have you studied?

           – Spanish, literature,

     7.   It´s difficult for you speak spanish?

            – No, but Catalan is
very difficult for me.

     8.   Do you feel comfortable here?

            – Yes in Spain general
and particularly here in Terrassa!

      9.  Do you get along with children?

            – yes, I like kids of
all ages.

      10. What do you think about
the teachers?

            – They are very funny
and kind.

      11. How is the level of
english in the secondary school?            

– Yes, it´s very good. I was surprised by how good the
students are!


In this way the students can learn to speak English better with the
English assistant. They can practice and the objective is that they can improve
their confidence by having the opportunity to practice with a native speaker
with a different accent! the assitants can also introduce their cultures and
comment on the differences between life in Spain and life in the UK.




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