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A la nostra escola, ja fa gairebé
quatre anys que contem amb una persona d´origen anglès que té la funció
d´ajudar els alumnes a millorar el seu “speaking” en el seu idioma matern. En
Liam Hargreaves és un noi que volia 
viure l´experiència de treballar a altres contrades i va triar
Catalunya, Terrassa i Vedruna. El que no s´havia imaginat mai és que acabaria
quedant-se entre nosaltres tant de temps i pel que diu no sembla que tingui
moltes ganes de deixar-nos.


Si voleu saber més coses d´en
Liam i la seva experiència, llegiu aquesta entrevista:


We: Why did you change country

Liam: Because basically
 I wanted a new experience. I saw an opportunity to come here for one year
and then I began to love living here so much that I decided to stay here
another year and then again I loved it so much so I decided to stay here

We: Was it difficult for you
to change your life style from your home to another country?

Liam: In some parts yes and in
others no. For example the countries are quite similar in many ways but then
there are some different things. For example the eating times are different. We
have a small meal at 12  o´clock,  like a sandwich, then a big dinner
at 5 or 6 o´clock, but here it´s not like that. You have to adjust to small cultural

We: Did you have any idea of
what you were going to do here?

Liam: I knew that I wanted to
work as a teacher but i didn´t know exacly what I had to do day to day. Again I
didn´t know if this is the job that I wanted to do for the rest of my life or
if it would be only a job for a year

We: Did you know you were
coming to work in Vedruna ?

Liam: I didnt´t know anything
about the school until the day I arrived. I´m so lucky I got the job here. I
imagine if I had gone to another school maybe I wouldn´t be in this country
now. I´d probably be back in England. I love the school so much. All the
teachers, the students and the atmosphere here.

We: When you came here did you
have any difficulties with money or other things ?

Liam: The money not so much
because I don´t need money to be happy. I had many problems with the language
at the beginning but then I started studying spanish. It´s difficult  to
integrate in a country if you don´t know anything about the language but it´s
also so true that you start to learn very quickly. As I started becoming
 more integrated in the country I started learning Catalan. The other
problem I had is missing friends and family. Sure, England is not so far away
but not being able to see your loved ones on a daily basis is hard. I miss them
a lot on special days like family birthdays etc.

We: Did you have any
difficulties to meet other people in Catalonia?

Liam: Mmm… no because the
school was very good. The school helped me because the first year I lived with
4 different families from the school, so, in that way I was able to meet people
quite easily. When i came here I didn´t know anybody in the country. All of my
family and all of my friends were in another country so I literally arrived not
knowing anybody! Thankfully catalan people are very friendly and so I was able
to make friends very quickly. 


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